What is Fore Head Lift in Thailand?

The principle of Fore Head Lift Thailand is to elevate the eyebrows in order to correct abnormally low eyebrows to their correct position.  The incisions for brow lifting are hidden within the hair by placing them a few centimeters behind the frontal hairline. The face and eyelids are not tightened by a forehead lift, although the upper lid skin may be stretched.

forehead lift cost thailand
Full Face Lift168.000
Mini Face Lift 90.000
Fore Head Lift55.000
Neck Lift95.000
 From THB
Chin Reduction85.000
Chin Implant35.000
Lip Reduction15.000
Lip Augmentation12.000

How does Fore Head Lift perform in Bangkok, Thailand?

Duration of Fore Head Lift Thailand takes one hour and you should be one night in hospital. Also, If bandages were used, they will be removed a day or two after surgery.

What result can I expect?

Patients may experience some numbness and temporary discomfort around the incision, which can be controlled with prescription medication. As the nerves heal, numbness on the top of your scalp may be replaced by itching. These sensations may take as long as six months to fully disappear

How to prepare your Fore Head Lift procedure?

Inform us about any allergies, any serious medical condition(s), and all medications you are taking (both prescription and non-prescription). Avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing medicines for two weeks prior to Fore Head Lift Thailand.

For at least 2-3 weeks you should limit strenuous activities such as jogging, bending, heavy housework, sex, or any activity that increases your blood pressure. Prolonged exposure to heat or sun should be limited for several months.

How does Fore Head Lift recovery?

There will be some pain for a few days, which will require some pain medications. While infections are extremely rare, antibiotics are utilized to avoid any potential infection. Swelling and any black and blueness that occurs around the eye will generally be gone within ten to twelve days following the surgery.

What are risks and complications?

The main risks are swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, scarring and numbness, or change in sensation. The problem unique to this operation is damage nerves on the scalp, thus causing numbness behind the incision. This risk is reduced but not eliminated with endoscopic forehead lifting.

Another problem is scar stretching. Because scars do not grow hair, this may be noticeable in those with thin hair.