What is Chin Reduction?

Improve your facial balance by reducing the prominence or reshaping the chin is performed by reshaping the front on the mandible. The goal is to provide suitable projection of the chin as well as the correct height of the chin which is in balance with the other facial features. The optimum balance is determined by the proportions of the upper, mid and lower face, which is specific to men and women.

chin reduction cost thailand
Full Face Lift168.000
Mini Face Lift 90.000
Fore Head Lift55.000
Neck Lift95.000
 From THB
Chin Reduction85.000
Chin Implant35.000
Lip Reduction15.000
Lip Augmentation12.000

How is the chin reduction procedure performed?

Chin Reduction Thailand is performed under general anaesthetic, commonly as a day-case procedure. It normally takes approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours to perform depending on the complexity of the surgery.

The incisions required to carry out this procedure are usually made inside the mouth under the lip in order to minimise visible scarring. Sometimes, depending on the extent of surgery needed, an incision may also be made under the chin.

What result can I expect?

The results of Chin Reduction Thailand are permanent but note that as you age your chin will change over the years. For example, the tissues around the chin will continue to be affected by the aging changes and gravity.

How is chin reduction recovery?

Pain and discomfort is expected for 3 – 5 days. You can go back to normal daily activities after 1 week, but avoid strenuous exercise and activity for 6 weeks including any contact sports.

What do I need to do to prepare for chin reduction surgery?

You will want to avoid aspirin as well as any aspirin-containing medications. In addition, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be discontinued for at least one week prior to the surgery. These medications thin the blood, can prevent normal blood clotting, and introduce an increased risk of bleeding and bruising.

How is after care for chin reduction surgery?

Soft diet is usually recommended for the first few days in order to allow the wound chance to heal. Antibiotics and mouthwash will usually be given and good oral hygiene is very important during this time.

What are the risks involved with Chin Reduction?

You may experience swelling for several weeks or months while the bone heals. Infection is a less common risk to weigh when considering chin plastic surgery. Small nerve damage, which can cause you to experience numbness in the lower lip and chin and adverse reactions to anesthesia, which can affect your respiratory system.