What is Chin Implant?

A Chin Implant Thailand can enhance the contours, shape and balance of the face by increasing the projection of the chin and strengthening the jawline. Implants may be used as an isolated procedure or combined with other surgeries to provide symmetry and to create a balanced rejuvenation of the face.

You may also be interested in liposuction, which removes fat from the jaw and neck area to better define your jaw line. You can decide what kind of augmentation and what kind of implant is best for you in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

chin implant cost thailand
Full Face Lift168.000
Mini Face Lift 90.000
Fore Head Lift55.000
Neck Lift95.000
 From THB
Chin Reduction85.000
Chin Implant35.000
Lip Reduction15.000
Lip Augmentation12.000

How is the Chin Implant procedure performed?

During the procedure, the surgeon selects the proper size and shape implant to enhance your appearance and inserts it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone. The small incision to create the pocket and insert the implant is placed inside the mouth (along the lower lip) or in the skin just under the chin area. The surgery is done using general or local anesthesia and will take a couple of hours.

What result can I expect?

Create more definition and projection for a weak chin, improve the overall facial profile, draw attention to the eyes for a more elegant appearance, and increase the strength of facial features.

What are the risks involved with chin implant?

The most common complications of Chin Augmentation Thailand are bruising, movement of the implant swelling. Other possible complications include damage to the teeth and loss of feeling

How is chin implant recovery?

After same-day discharge, swelling and discoloration are resolved by 1 week to 10 days. Normal activities can be resumed immediately and full contact sports can be re-introduced after 6 weeks.

How is after care for chin implant surgery?

Chewing will probably be limited immediately after Chin Implant Thailand, and a liquid and soft food diet may be required for a few days after surgery. Most patients feel a stretched, tight sensation after the surgery, but this usually subsides in a week.

What do I need to do to prepare for chin implant surgery?

You will be provided with prescriptions for any and all medications you will need after surgery. Please obtain these before surgery. Many patients also choose to take Arnica Montana, a natural supplement, which has been associated with decreased bruising. Arnica should be taken both before and after surgery in order to decrease the likelihood of bruising and also to shorten the duration of any bruising that does occur. Vitamin C both before and after surgery will help to promote healing.