What is BodyTite?

BodyTite Thailand uses patented RFAL technology to gently melt and remove excess fat through an incision in an inconspicuous location. By pre-melting the fat, the removal is a far less traumatic process, greatly reducing post-procedural pain, swelling or discomfort. BodyTite will eliminate fatty deposits and provide improvements to re-contour your body and provide you with the most advanced uniform treatment in the market.

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BodyTite Information in Thailand

Duration of operation: Thirty minutes.

After Care: Larger areas will require a longer recovery time, however, most patients find the recovery process very tolerable. Pressure garment have to apply for a few days after surgery to keep body contour to be in shape and to reduce the post- operative bruises.

Recover: BodyTite allows for its other great advantages: it can easily be performed under local anesthetics, which means that there is minimal recovery time and the potential to walk out of hospital within a few hours of your procedure.

Results: BodyTite can help you achieve permanent results bringing you closer to having the body you always wanted. Most patients will see results immediately, with best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks. Results are patient specific and depend on the treatment area and amount of fat removed. Larger areas will require a longer recovery time, however, most patients find the recovery process very tolerable. Scarring is generally insignificant, as BodyTite only requires a tiny 5mm incision per area.

Hospital Admission: No overnight hospital stay is required

Risks and Complications

The pre-heating of the treatment area allows for gentle extraction of unwanted fat, resulting in decreased bruising and swelling. You may experience tenderness and soreness in the area, and most patients do not report a painful experience.

Pre Operative Care

You will be advised at your initial assessment about pre-operative do’s and don’ts. Avoid blood thinners including anti-inflammatories as they will lead to bruising. This includes Omegas 3 and 6.

Post Operative Care

You will need to wear an elasticized garment on the treated area for two weeks after BodyTite Thailand. Take a course of antibiotics. No high-impact exercise for two weeks, but don’t stop exercising- cycling, walking and rowing are good aerobic exercises. You may have sutures, and these will need to be removed after 7 days. You will need to attend two follow-up consultations: one at 6 weeks and one at 6 months. This is to check on your results and to address any concerns you may have in your recovery phase. These consultations are free of charge.